Tutoring with the Artodigy membership

November 2022

What an honour to run two online workshops in November 2022 with artists who have joined Lara Freeman’s group, Artodigy. You can find @artodigy on Facebook and Instagram too – there’s so much on offer in the group.

Lara and I had a great conversation about our intentions for the workshop and much, much more over on YouTube. I share why I think we have to resist judging ourselves when it comes to creativity and how to foster an open and exploratory approach to art making. Plus, why I think poor source photographs are a good thing – yes, that’s right!

In the workshop we will learn how to develop a landscape painting series inspired by the same view and perspective but in different light or over the seasons. We will work from a sketch and a black and white photograph to create a composition then add our own imaginative colour palette in the studio. You can then develop this approach for a series of related paintings in a variety of colourways.

I recommend taking a look at Monet’s multiple studies of haystacks, which share the joy of working on the same image or view, using different light sources and seasons as inspiration.

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