h.Art: open studios in Herefordshire

“Love them all – hard to choose!!!”

Visitors, Shirley and Andrew Clark, 17/08/2022 – they bought 5 pieces in the end!

Well, it’s a year since my very first open studios as part of Herefordshire Art Week 2021. What a whirlwind it’s been. I loved the event last year and hosted over 40 visitors, from new and now faithful customers as well as old friends. It was so rewarding to show here in my working art studio and dedicated gallery room at Skirrid Studio & Gallery (find me on Google Maps). Plus it made me get off my bum and sort out my hoarding problem, haha. You probably know exactly where I’m coming from!

Since then I’ve adjusted the model of short open studio events to offer gallery visits (or ‘private views’) year round. It’s been a real boost to developing and sustaining my art, which is still a new venture. I only progressed from being a hobby printmaker to becoming an earning artist in 2019.

The encouragement isn’t because of sales through the gallery – although they really help pay for my materials addiction – it’s because I meet great people here through a shared love of art and creativity. They are interesting, sensitive and very much alive to creative possibilities in themselves and in others whose work they appreciate. Without this engagement, I think art making full-time could become insular, quite lonely and harder to sustain.

So I feel a genuine appreciation for anyone who supports artists by attending open studio events like this one. We’re kicking off on the 3 September 2022 btw.

What’s in store?

This year will be a bit strange, as I will have some new work back from The Perfect Hill exhibition in the middle of h.Art. So there will be a rehang on Monday 5 September. Is this an excuse for you to visit me twice, I ask? 😉

You will find new designs in my affordable fine art prints throughout, and a new collection of small, bold landscape paintings and woodland etchings.

I’m hoping to have a get together (with booze, yes!!) on Wednesday 7 September from 5pm, and will have a few mini prints to giveaway to early birds.

And during the week I will be breaking the ice on the largest canvas I have ever worked on – and encouraging visitors to add some marks and early layers for anyone feeling bold and playful. Fancy a go? Would be great to see you here…

  • Cats Back landscape print by Helen Arthur
  • Teasels and goldfinch print by Helen Arthur
  • photograph of Skirrid Gallery, Longtown

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