The 100 day project – I’ll do it my way

Well, of course, everyone has to do it their way – that’s the absolute joy of it. But for some reason I’m channelling Frank Sinatra right now or is it that Sid Vicious?! 🙂

Yes, I’m quietly excited to join this beautiful band wagon for the first time. For newbies, this is a free initiative that hangs off a hashtag #The100DayProject  Effectively, it’s become one great big happy online art community now in its ninth year.

The notion is straight forward: choose a creative project, do it for 100 days (consecutive or not), and share your process on social media using the hashtag.

The next round starts Sunday February 13, 2022.

I’ve decided to give it a whirl in the full knowledge that I might not make it to day 100… But, however far I make it, there will be developments and insights well worth having. Other artists talk candidly about this. They mention pride and surprise at just how much self discovery they gained, as well as self-compassion (no beating yourself up if you don’t go the full mile).

There’s plenty of advice out there about what sort of project works – from pulling a Tarot card every day to drawing from a found image in a daily newspaper. Just make it something that’s easy, affordable and doable in 10 minutes or so.

My aim is to create a “snap swatch” of 100 paintings I love from my collection of art books. What is a snap swatch, I hear you cry? It’s both a snapshot of mark making and a colour swatch response to a pre-existing artwork. It will help me investigate what I love in art, what colours I’m drawn to, and how the values and distribution of those colours balance out. So this is a speedy learning activity, playfully so – and I will create my own mini abstract artwork in mixed media each day, along with short notes in my studio journal. 

Cezanne once pronounced, “Keep good company – that is, go to the Louvre.” This is my way of keeping good company – hopping across continents and decades – all from the comfort of my studio in the Welsh Marches mountains.

Does that sound juicy to you?

You can follow my journey on @helenarthurart and I will use the hashtag #100snapswatches  on the reels and posts I add to my Instagram and Facebook feed.

See you on the interweb… xx

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