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“Why Make Art? Because you must… Because you can. Art is what it is to be human.”

Introducing Seth Godin, if you haven’t already heard of him. Oh and Derrick Evans, aka Mr Motivator – but you ALL know him, right?!

No, I can’t picture Seth in neon-splattered Lycra! But could someone *please* do the photoshop meme for me?! Seth honestly is Mr Motivator for possibly millions of creatives around the world.

I first heard of Seth Godin when he was interviewed on the Art Juice Podcast run by Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher.

Seth has a benevolent yet forceful approach to kicking your arty butt – especially if you lack confidence in showing your work. I tend to overshare myself. But I still value being strong-armed into honouring my dream by Mr Godin. He’s definitely encouraged me to worry a whole let less about outcomes whenever I share work in person or on my Social Media. Or whenever I settle down to make new work, for that matter.

I read his book “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work”.

By ‘shipping’ he means ‘selling’ (for us Brits). His mission statement is clear from the section titles “Trust Yourself”, “Generous”, “The professional” etc. And I love his pithy, to-the-point style – he’s sharp as needles! I can honestly say this book not only amused and surprised me: it shifted me into a less self-conscious modus operandi.

And why this benevolence towards us lot? His mum (or mom, I guess) was an artist – speaks volumes eh?

He blogs every day on https://seths.blog/ – he’s up to over 2m words now!! – and offers lots of free “calls to action” – check out this manifesto for ‘Seth in a nutshell’.

IMAGES: courtesy of Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sethgodin/ https://www.instagram.com/mrmotivatorisamazing/ – only 1 post but still 1.5K followers, lol!

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  1. Helen Dean says:

    Thanks for that explainer on the word shipping – it wasn’t clear to me ( British too) when I heard him use that word . I imagined something like “ getting it out there/ in front of people” but then thought about “ shipping charges “ meaning postage so was confused.:)

    1. Helen Arthur says:

      Hi Helen – lovely to hear from you. I think you can translate it more loosely as getting it out there too. I think sharing might have been better in the title, don’t you? x

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