In the RCA open exhibition – YAY!

As some of you may know, I started to paint during our first lockdown. Having spent 4 years focussed on drawing and printmaking, I think I needed to challenge myself and expand my skills set. Most afternoons after homeschooling my 2 kids, I began to experiment, and have been combining painting with printmaking techniques too. I think the pandemic presented us with such frightening and challenging times, this somehow was my way of escaping… and finding hope.

Some of the experiments developed into a new stream of semi-abstract landscapes. I entered the one featured above – called “Nightwalks: Blaenavon Balance Tower” into the Royal Cambrian Annual open art exhibition and was selected. A lovely affirmation from the “centre for artistic excellence in Wales”. The exhibition is currently online but will be shown in the gallery in Conwy, where I grew up. My first proper job was in Conwy, in a fish and chip shop – come on, what a great connection!! 😉

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