Skirrid Print Studio: the first 6 months

So from this shell of a building – which had previously served as a boot room and storage space (with 2 tiny rooms upstairs) – the charming Welsh builders, Dickie and Rich, created a 2-storey print studio, with its own entrance. This was in March 2019 and took a good few weeks. The finishing touch was a garden made with my friend Chris.

Next Jenny Gunning and Nathan from Ironbridge Fine Arts, fitted Dolly the A1 press. I opened the doors to the public (along with popping a few bottles of bubbly) on 14th June having also just launched this website.

Around 40 people have joined me in this lovely creative space and learned to make their own linocut prints. And the place was filled with a camera crew and video production team for a day!

My Etsy shop has gone from 2 neglected entries to 40 and over 100 sales have gone through online (and more using real money).

The Skirrid Print Studio google business page has been very valuable as well as my new business FB page – thank you to my customers for some wonderful 5* reviews.

Markets – including a stall at the circus – have been a great way to tell people about what I do. I was grateful to Jill at The Print Shed for involving me in H-Art. And Pru at Welsh Borderlife magazine contacted me to feature my Christmas card linocut workshops. And it looks like there will be some interesting opportunities coming up next year. I will be working with lots of young people and a few arts organisations to share the joy of printmaking. That’s a few more print addicts created on my watch, haha.

Below I’ve created a gallery of my new prints that have come to life in 6 months of setting up this really rather magical studio – I do hope you agree re’ the magic. It’s been hard work but rewarding. I can’t begin to tot up the hours I’ve spent on social media, but at least I got to create my own work too. Wishing everyone a positive 2020 despite the hardships faced by the nation. I hope I can bring much more creative happiness to folks around me and who visit this stunning spot on the Welsh-English border in Herefordshire.

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